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New single "Wish you were here"

Friday, December 16th 2016 1:31pm

Justin's new single "Wish You Were Here" is available to download from from all online retailers from 1st Jan 2017. Request it now from all radio stations and djs. Preview and download your copy here WISH YOU WERE HERE

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IrelandDecember 16th, 2016

He had one of the biggest hits of last summer with his reggae-country styled 'The Margarita Song', and now Tyrone singer-songwriter Justin McGurk is about to sign off on 2016 and enter a brand new year with a single which not only highlights his versatility as a songwriter, but hits hard to the heart in doing so. And, could well prove to be the biggest hit of his career.
But when Justin penned 'Wish You Were Here' shortly after hearing the sad news about a friends sudden passing, any thought of how the song might do on the charts or at radio couldn't have been further from his mind. 'Wish You Were Here' is born of something deeper, a need to somehow bridge the vast chasm of seemingly impenetrable space between this world and the next. And truth be told, when listening to Justin sing such powerful lyrics as, "I don't want to believe that you are gone......", and, "I know you have to fly away with the angels back to heaven/ But I still really wish that you were here", words which reveal the raw honesty of his grief, it's impossible not to feel like you're listening to these emotions exactly as they poured forth from the Tyrone man's soul in the hours after receiving such life-changing news.
'Wish You Were Here' is a song with the ache of loss very much at its core, and yet, the great tribute to both Justin's songwriting and to his dear departed friend, is how its uplifting melody evokes in the listener that sense of comfort only the memory of happier times and brighter days can provide in times of grief.
There are few songwriters who could follow a fun-filled tune like 'The Margarita Song', which so brilliantly celebrated the lighter side of life, with a song like 'Wish You Were Here', a song which not only confronts the reality of life's ticking clock, but somehow does so in a way that feels like a hug from a friend just when you need it most.
But Justin McGurk is one of those songwriters. And 'Wish You Were Here' is one of those songs.* 'Wish You Were Here', the brand new single from Justin McGurk, is on pre-sale now Pre Order your copy of "Wish You Were Here" and it will automatically download to your devices on January 1st.

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