Justin McGurk and The Boogieman Band

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Justin McGurk and The Boogieman Band

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Add this popular live band to your line-up

Are you organising a festival? Whether it's a free council-run festival, designed to boost community feeling, or a full pay-to-enter festival, you'll want us in your line-up. 100% live 100% of the time, the atmosphere we create is infectious and fun. We get everybody dancing, with music for your feet that's entertaining. We have an extensive playlist that we can tailor to suit your event, from our own brand of cool country to current charts, pop to rock and roll.

We use the best professional audio & lighting equiptment

The BoogiemenFor small festivals, we can bring our own professional lighting & sound systems. For larger events (outdoor or large marquee) It's something you might not have thought about, but will need to be arranged, it really makes the show so much more effective.

  • Extensive repertoire
  • Sample CD available
  • All live music
  • No backing tracks
  • All professional musicians
  • Lively and responsible

A name that means something

Justin McGurkYou've probably already heard of The Boogie Men's lead singer, Justin McGurk as he has already recorded an impressive 10 studio albums. He & his band have appeared many times on TV and their songs can be heard regularly on local and national radio. They have proven to be a highlight at the many festivals at which they have already played throughout Ireland & beyond. The fact that The Boogie Men have been invited back year after year speaks for itself.

Justin is the ultimate pro and has 10 solo albums to his credit:

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